All About Líosa Murphy.

Líosa is the newest and most exciting female force in the Celtic music world today!! The singer and whistle player is constantly in demand as the vocalist for numerous internationally touring Irish music and dance productions, but her own unique style, sound and passion for music, has naturally led Líosa to a solo career. And it is here, with her own album, her own band, and her own show, that this Northern Irish lass excels!

Líosa was born into a family steeped in Irish Folk and Traditional music and began learning the whistle when she was six years old. Fast forward a few years and she has developed a style of her own! Giving the tradition a contemporary edge by mixing it up with percussive styles from other musical cultures, she seamlessly marries electro pop, world rhythms and her own vocal percussions to well loved songs and tunes.

Her live shows are, in a word, captivating. The energy and beauty in each song or tune she performs takes the audience on a journey like no other. From the haunting ballad sung with emotion and honesty to the rip roaring sets of jigs and reels she delivers on her favourite Susato and Burke whistles!

With a voice described as "authentic," "quirky," and "exquisite," you are very welcome to join one of Ireland's newest and freshests talents, Líosa Murphy, on a new sound journey of Irish music.