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Líosa's latest album SKYLARK, with it's unique approach to Irish music, has give the tradition a contemporary edge by mixing it up with other musical cultures. She has seamlessly married electro pop, world rhythms and her own vocal percussions to well-loved songs and tunes.

In her version of Nancy Spain, Líosa risks taking this popular and beautiful song and giving it a funky fusion with an electro pop beat throughout so that its timeless refrain "No matter where I wander I'm still haunted by your name" speaks to a whole new generation of lovers who have loved and lost.

The Skylark/ Union Reel track, has compelling African cross rhythms driving its passionate momentum, along with Líosa's sweet, lilting backing vocals adding to this uplifting set of whistle tunes. Whilst in The Drunken Landlady reel, she teams seemingly swift but mellow whistle playing with wordless vocal percussion to ramp up the track's emotional appeal.

Líosa's own whistle tune, The Kinlough Fairies is also on the album. Performed on low whistle, this haunting piece of music also features her trademark, inspirational, improvised backing vocals.

Skylark has so much going on and really tests the boundaries. It goes to the edge and dares to step over to create a new sound journey for Irish folk and traditional music fans. It's fresh, it's modern, it's new, and just like Líosa herself - Skylark is quite simply "dainty and delightful!" (Dónall MacRuairi - Raidio na Gaeltachta).