7th October 2016 - Selb Irish Folk Night Review.

"The singer and whistle player is known on the green island, but also internationally as an exceptional talent. Exciting rhythms, a professionally skilled power-voice and soft tones, enthused the audience in Selb."

We really enjoyed performing the first half of the Rosenthal-Theater's Irish Folk Night last week!
Photo: Performing the encore with folk group Matching Ties.

1st September 2016 - Irish Music Magazine

1st August 2016 - Super happy with this review of SKYLARK in the Irish Music Magazine. Thank you Grainne McCool!

Líosa Murphy first released her debut album Skylark in 2014. She is currently touring Ireland with this composition and is making a firm name for herself on the Irish folk and traditional music scene. This album presents some of the most well known ballads such as Nancy Spain, Siúil a Rún and Caledonia. Although well-known, Murphy puts her own contemporary touch to all three. They become original with the rhythms and electronic recording techniques she uses. And even more so with her very own quirky, authentic voice. Caledonia is exquisite to listen to. The album comprises 11 tracks and is a lovely blend of Gaelige agus Bearlá. Siúil a Rún opens the album and is a delightful melody to kick-start a very contemporary collection of music. A series of jigs and reels helps keep the traditional feel throughout. These sets provide the perfect interlude to her other collection of tunes. Reconciliation is a most soothing, relaxing tune and then leads onto Soldiers in Dreams, a reflective tune, but Murphy's quirky voice once again puts an authentic stamp to it. Murphy really is taking us on a new sound journey of Irish music. This album has been described as ' dainty and delightful.' It is this and more. It's new, it's fresh, it's alive with modernity and it highlights the exquisite voice and musical talent of one of Ireland's newest and freshest talents, Líosa Murphy.
- Grainne McCool.

14th March 2016 - Magnificant Performance of Líosa Murphy in The Celtic Inn.

A musical journey to Ireland is what the audience received in The Celtic Inn. Líosa Murphy & Band enchanted the listeners. Rottenberg was Líosa's first performance on her five day tour throughout the South west of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The listeners in The Celtic Inn experienced authentic Irish Folk with modest electro-pop elements. Michael Deak (Bass), Harry Alt (Drums), and Winfried Wohlbold (Pedal steel) accompanied her. The artist from Fintona, Co. Tyrone in the north of Ireland travels a lot in Germany. Her manager Ralf Thierauf, from Tübingen, brought her to Rottenberg. The petite singer has considerable capacity in her voice. She interpreted Black is the Colour with her enormous oratorical voice. It was silent in the room, she pulled the attention of the audience like a magnet. Nobody was untouched. Especially beautiful was Dimming of the Day, a Richard Thompson song. Most of the pieces Líosa played are on her album 'Skylark' with The Storm and The Kinlough Fairies being promising compositions of her own. "The German audience really appreciate the music and I'm delighted." Said Murphy. (Review in the Schwäbisches Tagblatt -14th March 2016).